RUMA currently has 66 Has of vineyards in full production with 3 properties located in Quero: Los Lanchares (21 Has) El Jardín de La Anafría (15 Has) and La Cuesta de las Fuentes (30 Has). The grape varieties are: tempranillo (18 Has) syrah (33 Has) and Macabeo-Airen (15 Has). All are equipped with irrigation, allowing the moisture it needs to ensure optimum quality of the grapefruit.

In 2010 we added 15 Has. to our vineyards and it is projected to plant another 15 Has. in the next year. The grape varieties will be: Verdejo and tempranillo. It is also planned the construction of a storage warehouse to age the wines selected for their quality in order to offer our customers a range of young and aged wines that satisfy the most discerning tastes.

  • La Cuesta de las Fuentes
    La Cuesta de las Fuentes
    * 35 Has of vineyards * Syrah Macabeo and Airen grapes
  • Los Lanchares
    Los Lanchares
    * 25 Has of vineyards * Syrah, Tempranillo and Airen grapes
  • El Jardín de la Anafría
    El Jardín de la Anafría
    * 20 Has of vineyards * Macabeo, Airen and Tempranillo grapes