Origin: La Mancha.

Annual Production: 50.000 bottle

Tasting results:

  • Appearance: Bright yellow colour with green sparkles.
  • Nose: mix of herbs, hay and a fruit aromas.
  • Taste: young wine, well balanced, intense and fresh with a long ending.
  • Temperature: 7º to 9º C
  • Gastronomic Combinations: seafood, vegetables, white meat, smoked fish, pastas with soft sauces
  • Alcohol: 12- 13º

Source of the Grapes: Macabeo.

Alcohol Fermentation: 13,5

Age of the Wine: Young Wine

Analysis: Total Acidity: 4,5 a 5,5; Volatile Acidity: 0.35-0.50; Glucosa: 0; Fluctuosa: 0,5 gr./litro.

Available bottle size: 0,75 Cl.

Packaging: 6 bottles cage

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